SpotVac cleaning device

SpotVac cleaning device allows Sub-Surface Extraction from your carpets

SpotVac cleaning device

Common folk like you and me might not know a lot about the complex chemical process that harmfully affects your carpet over a period of time from spills and stains. However, experts feel that the original predicament doesn’t come from the affected carpet surface, but the spills (and other dirty substances) travelling deep down the layer of your carpet’s sub-surface. In this regard, professional carpet cleaners utilize the ‘Sub-Surface Extraction’ technology to remove the settled contaminants from under the carpet. And, now quite fortunately the technology has made its way to our domestic scope via the SpotVac appliance  Delivering the same level of the advanced Sub-Surface Extraction power, this bantam device can seriously come in handy for more rigorous and effective cleaning of our carpets and floors.

Functionally, the SpotVac is to be coupled with a common wet-vac. This wet-vac (a 2.5 horsepower will do) is to be bought separately, and they come within price ranges of $30 to $80. As for the SpotVac mechanism, the contraption comes in three different models each with their own set of utilities. For example, the Spots & Spills Pack ($110) comes for the various spills, while the Pet Odor Pack ($120) specifically deals with pet oriented discharges like urine and vomit. Finally, there is also a higher-end Spot & Odor Pack ($175) that can collectively clean up any kind of mess.

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