SALt Lamp by Aisa Mijeno

Sprinkle your indoor and outdoor spaces with SALt Lamp by Aisa Mijeno

Most of us still misuse basic facilities like food, water and electricity, but there are many countries around the world that crave even for such simple privileges. If we go by Philippine Institute for Development Studies, there are million families across the globe that are living without electricity. In 2014, Aisa Mijeno, an engineer and social worker, has invented the SALt lamp to combat the problem of lacking power grids in Philippines.

It is a compact, portable lamp that doesn’t require any electricity, batteries or kerosene for light. In fact, it only needs salt and water for illuminating any indoor and outdoor space. SALt or Sustainable Alternative Lighting runs simply on two tablespoons of salt dissolved in water. This salt water further acts as electrolyte in a galvanic cell battery.

In a simple car battery, two metal electrodes are dipped into an electrolyte solution. However in this case, the electrolyte solution is nothing but the salt water. Two electrode rods made from different metals are inserted within the salt solution to produce appropriate current flow for generating electricity within the circuit.

On fixing a standard low-LED light bulb onto the circuit, this on-the-go lighting fixture is all set to brighten up any living space. Brightness of the SALt lamp is equivalent to seven candles and can last up to eight hours, on a single charge. This portable lamp not only provides you an easy wireless lighting solution, but also serves as emergency smartphone charger, using a simple USB cable.

The best thing about this eco-friendly lamp is that it doesn’t generate harmful gases like conventional kerosene and battery lamps; and such gases adversely affect the environment. Mijeno wants to donate these eco-lamps to poor families in Asia to receive better lighting at night without harming their health or environment as well. It is a commendable initiative to fight the problem of lacking power in many remote areas in the world.

SALt Lamp by Aisa Mijeno

Portable lamp powered by salt water

SALt Lamp by Aisa Mijeno

Designer Aisa Mijeno with her invention

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