Take-Akari lamp

Spruce up your home with handmade decorative Take-Akari lamp

Kumamoto-based startup CHIKAKEN has created a decorative eco-friendly lampshade called Take-Akari. The lamp is handmade out of a bamboo stalk and beautifully transformed into a fancy lighting fixture. It is created by drilling beautiful design patterns onto the surface of a bamboo. After that a candle is placed inside to make the pattern glow, while illuminating your surroundings.

Take-Akari can be used anywhere, including homes or offices. It makes for a great bedside lamp to create a relaxing atmosphere and to enhance your mood. According to ancient Japanese culture, bamboo is considered sacred due to its hollow form, vitality and ability to grow even in harsh conditions.

With decorative illusory bamboos, the company is hoping to bring some sacredness and calmness into your indoor or outdoor environment. It can also be customized with your personalized texts or designs to make its truly one-of-a-kind centerpiece. You can also gift it to your loved ones with some personal message that will remain with them forever as a sweet memory.

Currently, the makers of this unique lampshade are seeking funds on Indiegogo. Even you can back the project and secure your custom-made Take-Akari bamboo lampshade for $260 (Early Bird) and $300 (Regular).

Take-Akari lamp

Decorative lamps made out of bamboo stalks

Take-Akari lamp

The design patterns are drilled onto the hollow stalks

Via: PRNewswire

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