STACT wine storage rack stacks wine bottles on your home walls with elegance

If you want to get a wine rack that is a bit different from the league then STACT could be your best option considering the fact that it comes from 2012 ICFF award-winning designer Eric Pfeiffer and it also amassed more than double the pledged amount on Kickstarter platform. Making a beautiful shift from the traditional wine storage racks this one gives ample space to each of your wine bottles in a visually pleasing format. Suspended in mid-air STACT gives you limitless possibilities when it comes to configuration and color combinations or you can create your own patterns and gradually grow the whole wine rack.

Having a completely modern essence matching any ultra-sophisticated home this wine rack made from high quality aircraft-grade aluminum and wood veneers having a very cool high-end appeal. STACT is patent-pending modular design which has infinitely expandable options and surprisingly fits into any home décor environment be it your kitchen, dining room or your cellar. The back panels come in walnut and white oak or piano black and white options with the liberty to extend the panel area by placing another panel beside the existing and so on.

Via: OhGizmo

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