Stairway and Couch fusion by Dutch studio 8A enhances a tiny living space

 Stairway and Couch fusion by Dutch studio 8A

It is often seen that space saving furniture units and combo furniture pieces are utilized in small apartments or condominiums. But, this does not mean that they have to be dull and boring. Various architectural firms and furniture design studios are creating such units in a more stylish and attracting way that they will definitely enhance the décor of even those small living spaces. An interesting furniture combo of a Stairway and Couch has been created for a ‘pied a terre’ dwelling in the Netherlands by the Dutch architecture firm 8A.

The ‘pied a terre’ was commissioned by a Dutch family living in Paris. Although, this little home was constructed for an occasional use, no kind of adjustment was made during the creation process. The designers of the Dutch studio have configured the furniture fusion of a Stairway and a Couch that along with being a practical solution for the tiny home, is also unique. The furniture mix involves a massive wooden wall that conceals the wooden staircase behind itself and also combines a sofa with two bedside tables, each on either side of the sofa. The central wooden wall of this minimalist design also hides a huge storage space inside and combines a complimentary dining table by the window.

This combination furniture unit appreciates the small space, defining a neat and clutter free living area.

Via: Freshome

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