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Star Trek fan makes a crashing USS Enterprise out of gingerbread

Reddit user [ejustice] has recently shared a Star Trek masterpiece for Christmas. Dubbed Starship Gingerprise, this unique artwork is a gingerbread version of the fictional USS Enterprise, crashing amidst cotton clouds and iced gingerbread cookies.

The festive Christmas treat in shaped of the Starship Enterprise is made of gingery sweetness and icing. Plus, you can also see few Star Trek emblem cookies on it. Every part of the gingerbread spacecraft is glued together with caramelized sugar.

This project took roughly six days to complete and is a perfect sugary treat for Star Trek fans. The gingerbread masterpiece has taken the internet by storm and being adored by all festive Trekkies out there.

The USS Enterprise, a hallmark of the Star Trek franchise, has been an iconic science-fiction vehicle for the last half-century. So, some fans who fantasize about of this spacecraft crashing and burning, this edible USS Enterprise seems to be a perfect Christmas treat. Find out more about the Starship Gingerprise on Reddit.


Starship Gingerprise

Via: iO9

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