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Star Wars wampa-themed coffee table

Star Wars wampa-themed coffee table is geeky mancave essential

Custom furniture maker Tom Spina Designs never takes a back seat when it comes to tech-inspired furniture. Another striking statement piece from their collection is the latest Star Wars Wampa-themed coffee table. Inspired by wampa caves scene from Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, the coffee table boasts foam carved stalagmites as base that further supports a glass tabletop.

To meet the demand of their client who loves Empire Strikes Back, the furniture manufacturer has brilliantly managed to recreate the scenes of wampa cave in form of this table. The frozen feel of the caves is given with the help of hand-carved foam. The foam has been reshaped to look like organic snow using certain heated tools and rasps.

However to support the glass tabletop, the snow stalagmites were flattened on the top. The base is even painted in a mix of white and blueish tones to sustain its frozen appeal. Another highlight of this wampa cave coffee table is that it comes with its own removable Luke Skywalker lightsaber prop, which is fixed on the base of this snowy table.

We absolutely loved the design and workmanship of this masterpiece. One could feel the freezing sensation just by looking at the snowy piece of furniture. It is certainly a must-have essential for any mancave. If you’d like to have a similar custom coffee table in your living room, you may contact the designers on their official website.

Star Wars wampa-themed coffee table

Base represent sony wampa caves from Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

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