Start your next lunar rave with 3D printed moon phase clock

Get over supermoon madness, you can enjoy the amazing experience every night with this amazing 3D printed moon phase clock. Designed and built by Thingiverse user [G4lile0], the cool gadget comes equipped with an Arduino, OLED display, and 3D printed moon face.

The 3D printed moon model is cleverly combined with a series of LEDs to create the lunar phases. These LED lights are driven by an Arduino that accurately calculates the phase to show. Meanwhile, there is also a small OLED display to show the date and time.

In addition, other electronics like an RTC module, a DTH11 sensor, a buzzer, and three push buttons are also included in the lunar phase clock. The clock also has different modes such as an alarm, a lamp, a wake-up light, a thermometer, and a hygrometer. There is even a party mode to help you be the star of your next lunar rave.

[G4lile0] has brilliantly documented the code to create lunar phases, add desired features, or adapt this design to show the phases of another moon. If you’re interested to know more about the project, you can read all about it on Thingiverse and find its code over on GitHub.


A series of LEDs create the lunar phases along with the 3D printed model


There is a small OLED to display date and time

Via: 3Ders

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