Stealth Ping-Pong Table made from jet aircraft aluminum, carbon fiber


If you love playing table tennis (ping pong to be more original) and have $70k to part, then this all new and exclusive Eleven Ravens Stealth Ping-Pong Table is what you’d want at home to start a few conversations. Born from fusion of lethal silence and pure elegance, the custom-built ping pong table is made from high grade jet aircraft aluminum and is accented with carbon fiber. Embodying strength and functionality, the Stealth Ping Pong Table surely deserves to be part of your unique collection of artifacts (the table is more of an artifact, a symbol of status, than a table for some ping pong fun).


The ping pong table has hidden drawers to hold rackets and balls. Priced at $70,000 each, the Stealth Ping Pong Table is just limited to five units. The special edition ping pong tables are inspired by the Nighthawk Stealth Bomber, and each of the five tables are uniquely numbered and signed by artist Bernard Semerdjian (head of the Creative Design Department at Eleven Ravens).


Via: Uncrate

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