Steampunk Lamps Made From Recycled Junk

Jay Lana is a self-taught junk artist, curator, and environmentalist from Florida, United States. The designer creates unique and one of a kind steampunk lighting lamps from discarded and reclaimed materials. Jay has always been into vintage goodies and discarded items and finds beauty in the oddest things. Gathering rusty junk is one of the passions of the designer and since his childhood, the self-taught upcycling artist has enjoyed taking stuff apart and creating something else out of it. Jay is the craftsmen behind the Retro Steam Works up-cycled lighting products.

The material used in his steampunk creations come from various sources such as garage sales, recycle centers and flea markets. Jay works with basic tools and mostly uses reused and reclaimed materials for his artwork which ranges from small pieces to hand-crafted pieces such as his concrete lamps.

Once the necessary material is collected, each component is cleaned and polished by hand without altering the patina of the item. New wiring and electrical components are used and the completed pieces are tested by the artist himself.

These retro steampunk lamps made from discarded objects by Jay Lana are available for purchase on his Etsy shop.


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