House in the Forest by Steep Studio

Steep Studio designed creature-like house to isolate from the world

In overcrowded cities people don’t get time to relax and enjoy with the family and are compelled to visit different places for vacations, where they can isolate from the world. To make your solitude time more interesting, architect Beka Pkhakadze from Georgia-based Steep Studio has come up with an unusually designed house in middle of the forest in Georgia.

Pkhakadze one day while sitting in his office thought of having a place of his own where he could escape hustle and bustle of the overcrowded cities. After that he began designing a house far from city to spend some time alone near natural environment, which resulted in form of this house with an extravagant design.

The design of the house resembles a huge creature resting on ground in middle of the forest. Top portion of the house looks like a creature’s head, which runs down to the ground forming tail-like perception. It has an entire black exterior with huge glass windows to get outside views of the surrounding landscape. It is intentionally painted in a dark shade to form a contrast with surrounding snow covered area and also to blend with the forest trees.

Interior of the house is spacious with basic facilities required for a standard living, all wrapped in a contemporary design. The stunning house is not only designed for relaxing and lazing around, one can also work in this pleasant environment peacefully to explore creative ideas for work. However, we’re impressed by its unique shape that adds charm to the surrounding landscape, which was just surrounded by old trees before.

House in the Forest by Steep Studio

The house seems like a huge creature resting on the ground

House in the Forest by Steep Studio

Roof of the house has a slope that runs down to the ground

House in the Forest by Steep Studio

Huge glass windows of the house offers outside views

House in the Forest by Steep Studio

House provides parking space for the resident’s car

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