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Stephanie Langard’s Domestic Gathering Carpet

Stephanie Langard’s domestic gathering carpet boasts bonfire in the center

In today’s busy technological world, cheerful family gatherings are reducing day by day. Nowadays people have enough time to waste on updating their social profiles, but don’t have time to indulge in family meetings.

To change the sluggish scenario, French product designer Stephanie Langard, graduated from ESAD in Reims, has designed a circular domestic gathering carpet that rekindles the concept of communal fire for family gatherings.

The artistic carpet is beautifully crafted in a very unique tribal template. Highlighting feature of the design is its central bonfire, where you can ignite fire and gather around for enjoying light family conversations. The designer selected appropriately primitive materials- leather and copper to interweave a complex pattern by hand.

Copper is used purposely due to its remarkable properties of conductivity that would enable carpet surface to evenly distribute heat and warm the entire carpet along with those sitting on it. We simply loved attractive aesthetics of the carpet that are meant to bring people together in an innovative and intimate way.

Stephanie Langard’s Domestic Gathering Carpet

Circular domestic gathering carpet with tribal template

Stephanie Langard’s Domestic Gathering Carpet

The domestic gathering carpet features a bonfire in the center

Stephanie Langard’s Domestic Gathering Carpet

The materials used in composition of the carpet are copper and leather

Stephanie Langard’s Domestic Gathering Carpet

Copper and leather are interweaved together by hand

Via: Contemporist

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