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Steve Jobs Tribute desk to commemorate iconic visionary’s unforgettable legacy

Steve Jobs has been an inspiration for many around the globe and Kyle Buckner in one of them. Probably that is the reason why Kyle has designed SJ Tribute desk to commemorate Steve Job’s inspiring legacy. A perfect example of precision craftsmanship the desk is handmade and measures 60 inches in length, 26 inches in depth and 30 inches in height for your workspace ergonomics. Going by the theme of Steve Jobs attire, combined with Apple’s color selection, the desk comes in white or black high-gloss finish.

According to Kyle if you want the desk in bigger or smaller dimensions he can make it on order too with the SJ Tribute logo (gloss-black with silver etching) embedded with laser on each desk. SJ Tribute desk will cost you $999 and a certain percentage of the money will go the American Cancer Society.

Via: CultOfMac

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