DIY Backyard Smokehouse

Steven Raichlen builds awesome DIY backyard smokehouse

Barbecue lovers often rush to smokehouses or barbecue joints to enjoy perfectly smoked cuisine. But what if you could make your personal smokehouse in your backyard? Steven Raichlen, author of cookbook Project Smoke, has created a DIY backyard smokehouse. For constructing this smokehouse, Raichlen took help from his carpenter friend and neighbor, Roger Becker.

The walls are made from cedar, as this wood is known to be water- and rot-resistant. The base consists of a 3-by-3-feet slab of bluestone, but you can also get any other concrete slab from nearby hardware store. Make sure the base is fireproof so that the risk of setting smokehouse on fire is reduced. To make the smokehouse fire-resistant, they have lined the lower 12-inches of the inside walls with WonderBoard, which is similar to a Sheetrock made from cement.

Walls of the smokehouse rise up to 6-feet along with a slanted shingled roof to drain off rainwater. Metro shelving has been installed into the smokehouse to form food racks. Even space for hanging meat is present in the smokehouse. To refuel, front panel of the wood stove is attached with hinges at the bottom. Even a pair of 2-inch holes are drilled onto the panel to control airflow.

The smokehouse can be used for both hot-smoking and cold-smoking. Nevertheless, a smoke generator has been installed into it for perfect cold-smoking. Plus, a thermometer is integrated into the system to keep the temperature in check.

Even you can create your personal DIY backyard smoke house in less than $1000. For full instructions on how to make such DIY smokehouse, read more on MotherEarthNews. However, for perfect smoking techniques on preparing perfect barbecues you need to purchase the Project Smoke cookbook by Raichlen.

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