Stockinger’s Rotalis smart watch winders keep you timepieces wound

Stockinger’s Rotalis Smart Watch Winders Keep Your Timepieces Wound

Domestic safes with built-in self-winding watch winders are among the most sought-after collectibles for luxury seekers. Although Döettling and Buben & Zorweg are one of the most popular names in the niche, right now we are going to focus on the Rotalis series of watch winders by German brand Stockinger. These smart luxury watch winders are available in 3, 10, 15, 30 or 60 watch capacity options so that anyone can match them with their personal needs. All of them help to keep your timepieces wound and show them off in the best possible manner.

Running on the SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) of 12-24V, these smart watch winders are made from different materials. The exterior of Rotalis 3 is made from wood and nickel-plated brass, however, the Rotalis 10 is mostly made out of metal and carbon veneer. Each watch winder has its own motor that can be programmed individually to move all of the watches separately. As of the Rotalis 15, it features a security glass panel that can be opened through the built-in fingerprint scanner. This model also includes Yacht-watch, thermometer, and barometer. Moreover, there’s also an internal LED-based illumination system, making it a more elegant watch winder.

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In addition to storing and winding your expensive timepieces, some of the model among these Wi-Fi-powered luxury watch safes also has room to store your jewelry as well. Each safe is equipped with high-precision watch winders by the Munich-based clockmaker Erwin Sattler. Users can easily configure each watch winder through smartphone or computers. Furthermore, there is an integrated database with information about more than 10,000 wrist watch brands to ensure optimal movement rhythm for each model.

Image: Stockinger

Image: Stockinger

Image: Stockinger

Image: Stockinger

Stockinger’s Rotalis smart watch winders keep you timepieces wound

Image: Stockinger

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