Cloud&Heat Servers for Home Heating

Store Cloud&Heat servers to get free home heating services

With chilly winds of winter, the electric bills for heating your home also begin to rise. What if there was some way to heat your home using few internet servers? Well, German Company Cloud&Heat has come up with exactly the same concept that provides free home heating system, if you’ve got some room within your house to store some of the company servers.

According to the company 90% of the electricity used by internet servers is transformed into heat that is completed wasted in conventional data centers. But, the company thought of utilizing such wasted energy into something beneficial. Cloud&Heat will place its secure server cabinets in premises of your office or home to process cloud data for internet users. Meanwhile, the energy generated by the servers is used to heat your building as well as water supplies.

However, internet users don’t have to worry about data security because the servers are encrypted and the installed cabinets can only be opened by trusted employees. It is a great cost-effective way for homeowners to heat up their buildings during winter. Furthermore, in summer the cabinet vents will exhaust the excessive heat outside the building.

Although the heat generation by this innovative system is for free, but you have to bear its one-time installation cost that is about €12,000 (approx. US $15,000), which is good enough for up to 15 years. Sounds a great deal for prolong home heating system that is sadly available only for German residents as of now.

Cloud&Heat Servers for Home Heating

Cloud&Heat’s secure server cabinet

Cloud&Heat Servers for Home Heating

The firm will place its secure internet server cabinets within premises of your home or office

Cloud&Heat Servers for Home Heating

The energy generated by the servers is used to heat your building as well as water supplies

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