We have seen many cat beds, caves, and cat houses in the past, but never a pet accessory that is all in one. Finding a cat bed that is also a cat cave isn’t very difficult, but finding one in a bargain basement is a challenge. Well, STRATO is one such product that would cater to all the aforementioned needs and also serve as a cozy cave cum cat bed for your feline.

While some reports may claim that cats develop affection toward their owners, I am highly skeptical whether this theory holds any water or not. Human-cat relationships are much more complex than we think. Whatever might be the case, it is still our utmost duty to take care and protect the little felines, feed them the best food and provide them with the best shelter possible.

The STRATO is a beautifully designed round cat bed that serves as a cute cave and enhances the look of your home as well. It features a dual opening, one at the back and one in the front, to allow your kitten easy access. The cat bed is made of wood, making it elegant to the human eye and comfy for the little feline. It also features a plush cushion that would make your cat feel like a queen.

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With STRATO, I am sure your fur baby would be more than impressed and would shower you with additional love. The pet care product is introduced by Mau Retail Company which hogged the limelight in 2020 for their cat tower made of treated real wood, rope, and ultra-comfy plush.

Overall, the round cat house measures 20-inch in diameter and is available on Wayfair for $380. It’s suitable for cats that weigh up to 15lbs.

Image: MAU Lifestyle
Image: MAU Lifestyle
Image: MAU Lifestyle
Image: MAU Lifestyle
Image: MAU Lifestyle

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