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This Coffee Table With Oak Top has a Cozy Cat Bed in its Base

There is no intrepid explorer like a cat. These little connoisseurs of comfort somehow find ways to sneak into confined and constricted spaces. Those of you who don’t like cats mingling with your home accessories or furniture should buy cat furniture rather than complaining. Cat furniture may or may not stop these little felines from tampering with household items but would definitely serve as a resting place for these playful animals.

In case, you are looking for ideal cat furniture for your home that offers cohabitation between you and your cat, how about trying your hands at Turkey Centerpiece (may not be Turkish furniture though) that double as a coffee table for humans and cat bed for your feline.

The concept and the design of the table are simple yet intriguing. The tabletop is made of oak wood and can be used for keeping coffee mugs and magazines. To be precise, it’s for human usage unless your cat decides to mess it up a little. Well, moving on to the bottom half of the furniture, the oak wood base is poised on black electrostatic painted steel which comprises a cat cushion and serves as a resting space for the cat.

The steel frame fences the cat couch from all sides with a small oval-shaped gateway on the front for the cat to move in and out. The cushion material is made of anti-scratch fabric and is filled with cotton. As far as the color of the cushion is concerned, it may vary from light to dark.

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Measuring around 40cm in height and 60cm in diameter, the table is available for $430 on cat life and would serve as a perfect centerpiece for your living.

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