Strike Coffee Table

Strike Coffee Table is perfect home addition for any bowling lover

If one of your favorite activities is to head to the bowling alley and throw a few games, you may find Strike Coffee Table interesting. Contrived by American designer James Piatt, this fun coffee table is something more than a regular piece of furniture.

It consists of a transparent sheet of machined acrylic that rests firmly on four bowling balls, which serve as the table’s legs. So, it helps you bring a piece of your favorite game into your home. However you cannot really use these bowling balls for a game, as these are attached to the acrylic sheet. But it can surely keep you cherished and enthusiastic every time you’re going out for a game.

Furthermore, the holes on the bowling balls can hold pens or pencils. This means you won’t be losing your writing instruments here and there in your living room. Boasting elegant yet bold design, the fun coffee table is likely to impress both art aficionados and bowling enthusiasts alike.

You can purchase this exquisite bowling-inspired table for US$1,650. This sublime furniture piece will certainly add a touch of extravagance to your contemporary living space.

Strike Coffee Table

Transparent coffee table with bowling balls as base

Strike Coffee Table

Colored bowling balls as base

Strike Coffee Table

Drawing of the table

Strike Coffee Table

Perfect home addition for any bowling lover


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