That spooky day of the year we all have been waiting for is almost upon us. But we still have a few days at hand to come up with some detailed Halloween decorations. If pumpkin carving is on your mind, you must have a look at these intricate and beautiful works by professional artists who have painstakingly carved pumpkins that are as good as they get.

Carving designs in the flesh of pumpkins is an age-old tradition being followed for years. It may not be easy to replicate these designs at home, but you can definitely give yourself a chance with one of these pumpkin carving ideas.

To inspire the more passionate and willing DIYers we have listed 20 unique pumpkin carvings by professional artists.

Sleeping baby pumpkin carving by Paul Dever

Image: Dever Customs

Drunken pumpkin carving display by Ray Villafane

Image: Villafane Studios

Jason Mamoa Jack-o’-lantern by Alex Ver of The Pumpkin Geek

Image: Instagram @thepumpkingeek

Creepy spider pumpkin carving by Marc Evan of Maniac Pumpkin Carvers

Image: Instagram @maniacpumpkins

Dragon Jack-o’-lantern by Fantasy Pumpkins

Image: Fantasy Pumpkins

Eye see you pumpkin carving by Michael Brown

Image: Instagram @michael_brown04

Cartoon-faced pumpkin by Jon Neill

Image: Neill Art Studios

Smily pumpkin carving by Scott Cummins of Pumpkin Gutter

Image: Pumpkin Gutter

Dr. Frank Einstein unique pumpkin carving by Deane Arnold

Image: Deane Arnold

Zombie hand pumpkin carving by Andy Bergholtz

Image: Instagram @andy_bergholtz

Enchanted pumpkin carving by Brandy Davis of The Pumpkin Artist

Image: Instagram @the_pumpkin_artist

Melancholic pumpkin art by Lenny Calvin

Image: Instagram @lennycalvincreations

Minion Jack-o’-lantern by Dave Hax

Image: YouTube/Dave Hax

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American gothic painting on pumpkin by Edward Cabral

Image: Instagram @edward.j.cabral

Frankenstein pumpkin by Jonathon Barwood

Image: Barwood Pumpkin

Ugly face unique pumpkin carving by The Sculpture Geek

Image: Instagram @sculpture_geek

Queen of Cups Jack-o’-lantern by Tim Lagasse

Image: Tim Lagasse

Monster pumpkin carving by The Carving Chizel

Image: Instagram @thecarvingchizel

Witch pumpkin by FloraLunaDesigns

Image: Instagram @floraluna_designs

Art Nouveau on pumpkin by Rachael Kolby

Image: Instagram @rachaelkolby
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