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Students develop tiny, portable 3D printed house you can actually live in

3D printed house by UCLA and HUD

If Balluga Smart Interactive Bed is the future of sleep, portable 3D printed house is definitely the future of homes. A team of students from University of California (UCLA) and the University of Huddersfield (HUD) led by professor and architect Peter Ebner has created an experimental micro-apartment – a 3D printed house that guarantees comfortable and mobile accommodation. Comprising of two shell halves, the 2.2×2.2 meter accommodation is printed with sand-based plastic and special glue in collaboration with 3M FutureLAB and Voxeljet in Bavaria, Germany.

3D printed house by UCLA and HUD

Given its size and make, the 3D printed house can be easily transported and installed anywhere, in any kind of environment. In spite of its really minuscule size, the dwelling features a bed, bathroom, kitchen and a study table. For a wholesome luxury experience, the house has a multimedia system with projection screen that actually covers the entire main wall.

3D printed house by UCLA and HUD

Because space comes for a premium inside this 3D printed house, it has been fitted with movable kitchen countertop and sink, a small fridge and a folding toilet which can retract into the wall when not required. All in all, every single area of the micro-home is taken care of, even the floor has been used to provide additional storage. The interiors of the 3D printed house are well lit with ceiling lamps and LEDs, and for natural light and ventilation, there is a small opening in the structure.

3D printed house by UCLA and HUD

3D printed house by UCLA and HUD

3D printed house by UCLA and HUD

Via: DesignBoom

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