Studio OBA Prenuptial Housing

Studio OBA Prenuptial Housing splits in two after divorce

At the time of marriage everyone believes that their love will last forever. Until your spouse starts getting on your nerves and arguments become a new routine; and one fine day you finally decide to split up. Thereupon, the unhappy couple has to face a battle over real estate. However, Amsterdam-based Studio OBA wants to make domestic uncoupling a whole lot easier with its new conceptual Prenuptial Housing.

In response to rising divorce rates every year, the design studio has created a floating home concept that’s meant to split up after divorce. It is a brainchild of self-proclaimed PR and pop culture expert Omar Kbiri, who thinks it would be a nice alternative to the historically messy process of splitting up.

The home comprises two independent prefabricated structures that slot together, but can just as easily split up in two halves. The building consists of lightweight carbon fiber elements and a semi-transparent wooden layer. These elements increase its possibility to unite as well as to adapt different environments, while floating on Amsterdam’s canals.

Consider it cynical or practical – divorce can sometimes be the healthiest choice for a couple, and Studio OBA is trying to help those couples who want to separate from each other. Kbiri is currently looking for investors and planning to start taking orders for Prenuptial Housing in 2017. However, we would recommend thinking before you jump into the idea of buying one of these these homes with your significant other.

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