Suit Sofa

Suit Sofa – A multi-purpose sofa system by Cameron Youds

Suit Sofa

Without a doubt, multi-purpose furniture systems have their own range of advantages. However, some of these designs do tend to compromise on the aesthetic front, thus not ideally making them suited for our living room decor. In comes the ‘Suit Sofa’, a contemporary styled sofa conception by designer Cameron Youds, posing as an all-in-one furniture item. Defined by a core structure of a simple rectangular form, the sofa can be functionally ‘extended’ by adding more elements like joint seat cushions and backrests. So, in essence, it is a modular scope, where users can customize their sofa system according to their decor needs.

Suit Sofa

According to the designer, the Suit Sofa was partially inspired by the multi-purpose applications of Japanese furniture and reinforced with a chesterfield inspired modular grid. The best part about all of these is that the sofa can be converted into many items including a chaise longue, a bench, a sofa bed for guests, a gallery bench and even a clubber couch. Just like your favorite ‘Suit’ caters to all kinds of parties, meetings and get-togethers.

Suit Sofa

Suit Sofa

All images are courtesy of Cameron Youds

Via: CameronYouds

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