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Sun Set solar wall clock tells time with sun’s position

Are you fed up of the regular and classic wall clocks that show time with the ticking hands? It’s time to take home the Sun Set solar wall clock by designer Andrea Ponsi. The uniquely designed clock possesses an all new way of showing the time. The Sun Set wall clock features a red dot (representing the sun) which moves along a sinusoid to indicate the exact time of the day, with the movement of the sun. The Sun Set wall clock thus indicates, at every given moment, the exact time, with the sun’s position in the sky at that very instant.

Thus, unlike the conventional clocks, Sun Set reflects a natural phenomenon which shows the precise time with sunrise, sunset and the length of the day and night. Available in a limited edition of 99 pieces only, Sun Set wall clock is the best way to bring the image of the sky into the room and blend the beauty of personal space with the vastness of nature.

Via: Mocoloco

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