Suncast Dog House

Suncast Dog House

Suncast Dog House is a very attractive, easy to install dwelling that your dog would love to call home. The Dog House features a durable resin construction and has a crowned flooring. Safe for dogs up to 100 pounds, the Suncast Dog House has vinyl doors and comes with vinyl letters to personalize the house with dog’s name.Designed to ensure your dog has the best house in the neighborhood, the Suncast Dog House has a removable roof for easy cleaning. With vents for air circulation, the dog house comes in various sizes, so you can pick the one that’ll fit your pooch.

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Weighing approximately 27.7 pounds, the dog house is easy to assemble and install. It also stabilizes internal temperature – keeps your dog cool in summers and significantly warmer in winters, and its internal large room has enough space for your dog to play and sleep without being bothered by the outside condition.

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