Sunkhinesis: Double place sofa allows you to perceive movement of who sits nearby

Designed by Alessandro Barra – a young Italian designer from the European institute of Design in Turin, Italy, the Sunkhinesis “shared movement” double place sofa, is a sofa of contained dimensions. The uniquely designed sofa allows a person to perceive movement of who sits nearby. The general idea behind the Sunkhinesis sofa is really that of sharing space and time and being imbibed in the emotional bond with the person sharing the double place sofa. Made from high grade beech treewood, the sofa is kept together by a series of nylon threads and elastic material to facilitate the perception of the movement. There is no word on the price of the double place sofa yet, or when (or if) Alessandro will market it, but all in this sofa could be a great addition to furniture at home.

Thanks: Alessandro Barra

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