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Sunset Treehouse located in a romantic destination near Lake Huron, Ontario

Architects of Altius Architechture Inc. in Toronto, Canada have built the Sunset Treehouse with minimalist design at former campsite near Lake Huron in Ontario. This tiny home is comprised entirely of wood and stainless steel frame surrounded by trees, and the whole structure rests on four firm steel legs that elevate its structure above the ground level. Moreover, this steel framed structure allows it to withstand strong winds coming from the shore of Lake Huron.

It is made from prefabricated materials which were transported through a vehicle to this location and likewise can also be relocated if required. The house is environmentally-friendly because it has no impact on surrounding environment while assembling/disassembling of prefabricated materials during construction.

Exterior as well as interior of the treehouse is completely covered in wood for cozy environment within this tiny 10-square meter shelter. The glazed windows offer a magnificent view of the surrounding landscape full of eternal beauty of nature.

The treehouse includes a small sleeping loft and a balcony space for gazing at panoramic view of sunset, thus living up to its name. It also has basic facilities for two persons to stay comfortably; therefore it can be considered as a perfect romantic destination for a couple seeking a place for vacations escaping the world.

Source: Altius

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