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Surrealistic Dali luxury home safe by Boca do Lobo

Watch winder

Drawing inspiration from prominent Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí’s painting “The Persistence of Memory,” Boca do Lobo Design Studio has created the Dali luxury home safe, which seems too good to be true. The surrealistic home safe, is a symbol of the relativity of space and time, just like the painting itself. Designed to create safest and most resisting place to keep all your richness, the Dali safe was recently unveiled at the BaselWorld 2014. The luxury safe is made using brass foundry technique and has been finished in polished brass and gold plating – so, a gold safe for keeping your gold and watches secure! Anyone?

Since, nothing can be taken for granted when safety is a concern, the Dali safe is made as a symbolic imagery of everything reliable to us. Interiors of the safe comprising of secret compartments and 6 watch winders can be regulated by the user. Interestingly, the interiors of the safe are even customizable, so users have the tailor-made luxury experience. Measuring 17.9-inches wide, 17.9-inches deep and 66.9-inches high, the Dali safe will be available soon. Price on request.

Gold plated safe

Source: Boca do Lobo

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