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Suspended staircase features desk, storage space and is easy to climb


Commissioned by Just Haasnoot for his home in Wassenaar, Hague, this peculiar-looking Object élevé staircase is handmade by Dutch design studio Mieke Meijer in its Eindhoven workshop. Combining a work desk, lots of storage space and bookshelves, the Object élevé staircase comprises of two separate sections (standing and suspended) and is made up of sturdy combination of oak and black steel. The lower half of the staircase features a table, small cupboard with three shelves and display shelves for plants etc.

The steps angle steeply and are smaller in the upper half, which is suspended down from the opening end of the ceiling. The suspended half is equally comfortable to walk up and down and comprises of smaller shelving units which can be used to stack books. The Object élevé is unique in itself, unlike the single-purpose staircases we have in homes, this one courtesy a series of open frames and storage boxes solves dual purpose – that of combining storage with providing access to upper floor. Interestingly, the staircase has been designed to match the pale blue walls of the home built back in the 1930s.

Suspended staircase

Suspended stairs Suspended stairs Suspended staircase

Via:  Dezeen/MyModernMet

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