Swallow Clock

Swallow Clock: An enticing sculptural clock with purity as its striking essence

Swallow Clock

Peace, purity and goodwill: these are the genuine attributes that define the wondrously created Swallow Clock. Coming from the house of Taiwan based Haoshi Design Studio, the clock as the name suggests comprises of twelve swallow birds placed strategically at the hourly intervals of a day. These birds are impeccably crafted from resin, with each of them having an individual pose (as judged from their variance in flight wingspan) to ingeniously denote that particular time of the day.

Swallows do symbolize the positive qualities of both luck and hope. Taking this element of optimism to new artistic heights, the designers wanted to present the Swallow Clock as an inspiring sculptural piece that doubles up as a practical clock. Furthermore, there is an inconspicuous intention of showing the paradox of dynamic time (as exhibited by the individually ‘fluent’ characteristics of the birds) against the ultimately stationary attributes of the wall fixed clock. This in turn contributes to an interesting aesthetic appeal that indirectly relieves our psychology from effects of daily drudgery.

Via: Haoshi

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