Demi lamp

Swedish designer creates the Demi Lamp that looks like an enlarged glass capsule

Demi lamp

Appearing like an enlarged capsule of glass, this is a brilliant lighting design by Mattias Stenberg displayed in the picture above. This light piece dubbed as Demi Lamp is a glass sculpture that  beautifully exhibits the quietness of mouth blown glass giving out a warm and splendid glow.  The Swedish designer constructed either of two hollow glass parts of the lamp with hands by using the traditional glass work techniques used in ‘Vet Hut’, which is a glass workshop of Design House Stockholm located in a Swedish village. The two parts are then joined together by an aluminum ring.

The glass structure is illuminated from inside by an array of LEDs. Each of the LEDs is directed towards the center of the Demi Lamp giving it the effect of self illumination, thus making the onlooker think that the glass is glowing by itself from inside. The glass dome acts as a reflector thus emitting a bright light.  You can get the lamp in two different sizes large and  small and in four different color combinations: clear/clear, white/clear, green/clear, and green/green.

The Demi Lamp was exhibited at the city’s design fair in February. The graceful design impressed the Stockholm based furniture design company Design House Stockholm’s (DHS) CEO Anders Färdig, which led the company produce these lamps in bulk.

Via: Fastcodesign  

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