Sweeney's Bothy

Sweeney’s Bothy gives artists inspiration amidst wilderness of Scotland

We all want to feel moved and find inspiration to explore joy, passion, and purpose. Luckily, longer hours is not the only source to find inspiration and who can understand it better than artists and researchers, who are constantly looking for inspirations for their projects. So, if you want that little to get inspired, The Sweeney’s Bothy is the ultimate solution.

Built by The Bothy Project, a growing network of small-scale off-grid art residencies in distinctive locations of Scotland, the Sweeney’s Bothy is an off-grid residency located on the Isle of Eigg. Designed to let you enjoy the simple things, this eco-cabin with amazing views is created for artists who are looking for something special to get inspired and motivated.

Based on Finlay’s design and inspired by the 7th Century Gaelic King Sweeney, the off-grid eco-cabin is designed by architect Iain MacLeod and artist Bobby Niven in collaboration with artist Alec Finlay. Resting under the magnificent cliff of Cleadale, the single space cabin with a double platform bed, fully-equipped kitchen, wood stove, table, library and cozy armchair are an artist’s haven abode. Thankfully, it is also available to the general public for six months of the year.

Offering a special holidaying experience, the cabin with recycled furniture, an outdoor shower and composting toilet is a modest zero-carbon dwelling that gives clients a chance to focus on the wilderness of the ecology. Running mostly on renewable energy, the picturesque location of the secluded Sweeney’s Bothy lets you explore yourself that is impossible in chaotic and fast-paced city life.

Available for a minimum stay of 2 nights, the eco-cabin also supports safety features like smoke detector, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and carbon monoxide detector. Ideal to revive and sense that missing spark, Sweeney’s Bothy lets you enjoy seclusion in the wilderness of Scotland.

Sweeney's Bothy

Large windows to enjoy the picturesque view of Scotland

Sweeney's Bothy

Table to explore the creative side while enjoying the refreshing views

Sweeney's Bothy

The single space cabin has a double platform bed on top and fully equipped kitchen with single gas ring

Sweeney's Bothy

Wood stove to keep the eco-cabin warm in not so sunny days

Sweeney's Bothy

The off-grid eco-cabin comes with a outdoor shower and composting toilet

Sweeney's Bothy

The off-grid zero-carbon dwelling that runs on renewable energy

Sweeney's Bothy

The Sweeney’s Bothy is resting under the magnificent cliff of Cleadale

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