Swing rocking chair

Swing Rocking Chair Crafted From Bio-Leather and Concrete

While we have seen a casual style and classy essence in chair designs, the handmade Swing rocking chair from German design studio Paulsberg is a case study in utter coolness! As we can see, the upper ‘cushion’ section of the chair is upholstered in comfortable bio-leather. However, it is the curved bottom section that really tickles our fancy. Expertly made from concrete that is further reinforced with advanced carbon fiber, the Swing adroitly breaks all barriers of chair conventionality. And, quite remarkably that’s not all! If you look closely enough, there is also a third layer of leather below the curved concrete section for protecting the interior floors from the solidity of the material.

According to the designers, this elegant fusion of stability and vibrancy was actually borne out of an experiment. They have gone on to say that how the application of new materials in furniture is not just limited to commercialism but also paves the way for the greater understanding (and thus utilization) of the material’s quality.

In this regard, the creative approach to Swing rocking chair was defined by the optical effect of the new material (that is concrete with carbon fiber), which when visualized in a three-dimensional field opened up new possibilities of volume, structure, and combination.

And, since we have brought up commercialism, the Swing rocking chair will only be available in a limited edition of 100 pieces. For more details, please do check out Paulsberg’s product page.

Dimensions: 600 × 800 × 800 mm (WxHxD)

Weight: 30 kg

Colors available: Stone Gray or Mouse Gray

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