Swiss-engineered Quad Calibrated Turntable

Swiss-engineered Quad Calibrated Turntable to stimulate your ears

Vinyl record players are not a thing of past anymore, as many designers are bringing back these age-old music systems into today’s digital world. Hammacher Schlemmer is one such company that never takes a back seat when it comes to contrive superior quality, hard-to-find instruments. This time the company has created atypical Swiss-engineered Quad Calibrated Turntable for vinyl enthusiasts.

The turntable has been crafted with fine perfection in Bern, Switzerland by highly-skilled craftsmen. To enhance your listening experience, one of four precisely calibrated tonearms run over the vinyl. The turntable comprises magnetically suspended aluminum platter that sits in a special wooden cylinder that provides unaffected base. Moreover, other cylindrical sound boxes can control mechanics of four of the given tonearms and cartridges.

Each cylinder rests on three adjustable steel legs to adjust its height placement for the central platter as well as four tonearms. The system is also equipped with silent two-phase stepper motor, which provides stable voltage regulation to ensure each record rotates at 33.3 rpm or 45 rpm.

Composed of superior built-in damping technology, the turntable is able to deliver different styles of music, depending on the tonearm and cartridge selected by the listener. The vinyl player is also meant to eliminate the troublesome sonic aberrations that are produced by other conventional models. The stylish-looking turntable will be an idyllic addition into any audiophile’s room. But you need to spend whopping $94,000 to purchase this cylindrical set of vinyl turntable.

Source: Hammacher

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