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SymGym = Personal Gym Machine + Video Game Controller

Video games are good source of time passing and they turn you couch potatoes. Yeah, that’s the truth every gamer denies, but deep down knows it. To break the jinx and make gaming your prime fitness regime activity, SymGym is here. It is a resistance-based game controller which is as good as your fitness equipment. Developed by a Chicago-based startup, this innovative way to health & fitness will be everyone’s cup of tea. The machine/controller has pedals and handles which act as the input control for the on-screen games.

For example in a game that requires you to go uphill, pushing the pedals is going to create far greater resistance. The end-result, you train your leg muscles while having fun in the game. Interestingly, the machine can work just like PlayStation and Xbox controllers, but for now the developers are more comfortable with arcade games like Pac-Man.

On the health and fitness front, the SymGym tracks calories burned, amount of resistance applied on muscles and overall progress. The idea seems great, and it is to be seen how SymGym evolves with cut-throat gaming arena which is very dynamic in nature.

As for the pricing, SymGym is going to charge $15 per session, and it is not clear how much it will cost to actually buy the machine. The company is targeting a late 2016 release for SymGym and only then it will be clear regarding the pricing of this gaming cum fitness tracking machine.

Pedals and handles act as the game input controllers

Pedals and handles act as the game input controllers

provides resistance to your arms, legs and belly area

provides resistance to your arms, legs and belly area

Slated to be released in late 2016

Slated to be released in late 2016

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