T.T. TRUNKS’ Darth Trunk stands on AT-AT legs

T.T. Trunks’ Darth Trunk stands on AT-AT legs

The high-end Malletier (traditional trunk maker in French) T.T. TRUNKS is specialized in creating luxury customizable trunks for wealthy patrons. We have already featured its highly-expensive Millesime Trunk T512 which is an ideal accessory for wine lovers who want to take their drinks outdoors safely. Over again, we are back with another interesting creation named Darth Trunk by the firm. The luxury trunk manufacturer created this one off trunk in shape of AT-AT walker for Swiss non-governmental organization Womanity back in 2016.

As seen it its pictures, its legs are designed to look like the famous AT-AT Walker of the Star Wars movie. Its outer body is covered with a black sheath of bull leather and lozines in cowhide leather stitched with saddler stitches. All the metal parts of the truck are made of nickel-plated brass, while side handles in black cowhide leather are decorated with intense slice paint. As of inside, there is LED backlight and an official Darth Vader helmet floating in mid-air using Crealev Levitation Technology. The internal parts are cushioned with White Alcantara and there is Star Wars embroidery on the ensemble.

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Most interestingly, there is a raised drawer under the helmet to store Blu-Ray DVDs of the first six opuses of the iconic movie, as well as the upcoming parts. T.T. TRUNKS’ mallet mastery is truly expressed in every detail of this luxury Star Wars-themed truck. As soon as one flashes a glance, it gives an otherworldly look.

T.T. TRUNKS’ Darth Trunk stands on AT-AT legs

One-off trunk in shape of AT-AT Walker from Star Wars movie

T.T. TRUNKS’ Darth Trunk stands on AT-AT legs

Levitating Darh Vader helmet inside

T.T. TRUNKS’ Darth Trunk stands on AT-AT legs

Basic sketch of the design

T.T. TRUNKS’ Darth Trunk stands on AT-AT legs

Extravagant luxury truck for wealthy patrons

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