Take home Inax SATIS – smartphone controlled toilet with built-in speakers

If you were worried of carrying your phone into the bathroom because you feared of dropping it into the commode, it’s time for you to get over your phobia and take your Android phone into the bathroom to carry out your morning dirty business. The thought can be bewildering but Inax in Japan has made it true with its new smartphone controlled SATIS toilets. The ingenious multi-functional range of toilets allows you to control your toilet, as you take a crap, using a smartphone and also plays you music from the phone, courtesy the toilet’s built-in speakers. The SATIS toilet thus does a lot more than just honorably accepting your waste.

Scheduled to make it to the markets in February of 2013, the Bluetooth enabled toilets can be controlled using the MySatis app on the smartphone. Once the app is downloaded on the phone the user can be wirelessly raise and lower the toilet seat, turn on the bidet or even flush it after excreting. The most exciting thing about the smartphone controlled toilet is that you can even set the speed of the flush, intensity of the bidet and also keep a check on the consumption of water using the smartphone alone.

Inax’s MySatis app only works with Android devices for now, iOS version is however in development. Priced at 380,000 yen (approx. $4,540), the SATIS toilet can also be used to record a person’s daily bowl movement with the app’s ‘Toilet Diary.’ This data can be sent to the doctor who can keep a check on the individual’s health.

Via: Gizmodo

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