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Taking the leap of faith while munching – Step inside Doritos Capsule

So what would it be like to eat Doritos while taking a leap of faith in a wingsuit? In reality it would be downright superhuman experience which only a few have the guts for, but in virtual reality it can be a tad easier. This is Doritos Capsule which is a project curated for Pepsico and Pong Dynasty which makes you munch Doritos while experiencing freefall flight in a wingsuit. The capsule itself is a small pod with sharply designed lines, and as the user steps inside, there is a VR headset ready to traverse you into an immersive world.

With all your five senses set in motion, giving your brain the stimulus of a wingsuit jump, you eat Doritos as you freefall from the sky hurling towards the ground. To add to the sensory input, real wind blows in your face, as you enjoy the VR freefall on Oculus Rift VR headset which is fitted inside a custom-made 3D printed helmet which the user wears.

This brand building campaign definitely points towards a bold, fearless theme. Obviously Doritos are the center of focus, as people step inside the pod and experience the thrill.

Doritos Capsule also highlights the capability of virtual reality, augmented with reality to put forth an experience which users haven’t had before. Certainly a unique way for Pepsico to boldly advertise its brand.

Image: Andrei

Image: Andrei

Image: Andrei

Image: Andrei

Source: Andrei/Polatti

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