Ripple Flower Vase

Taku Omura’s Ripple Flower Vase ‘poetically’ captures the ripple effect of water

Ripple Flower Vase

We have all heard about ‘poetry in motion’. But, how about poetry in all its static glory, when you can savor the dramatic stillness of the momentary ambit? That is exactly what the ‘Ripple Flower Vase’ brings us, with its simplicity bedecked in artistic innovation. As we can see from the above image, the base of the vase replicates the smooth ripple effect of a water body. This base support crafted from transparent plastic resin can be held inside the circumference of a small dish. In this regard, a single flower can be kept in one ‘rippled’ position, thus unobtrusively showcasing the subtle geometric credentials of nature.

The whole conception was designed by Taku Omura of Oodesign. And, as such this is not the first ‘poetic’ flower vase from Japan that we have come across. However, earlier designs have always alluded to the Japanese art form of porcelain and pottery. But in the case of the Ripple Flower Vase, the design language harks back to the wondrous effects of a natural process. And, it is this capturing of the moment that holds precedence over some abstract symbolism. In other words, the motionless scope solely exhibits the ‘consequence’ of innumerable natural motions leading to that moment.

Via: Oodesign

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