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TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

TaoTronics LED desk lamp cleverly combines speedy wireless charging with a futuristic-looking design, boasting versatile touch controls. This desk lamp stands at 17 inches tall and has a big round base that’s about 7-inches across. Nonetheless, is quite stable and lightweight lighting solution for late night workaholics.

Its chiseled, hollow metallic arm is attached to a plastic hinge in the base. It can form 90 degrees angle and even swivel back and forth 150 degrees Moreover, its head can swivel through up to 180 degrees, or tilt up and down to 135 degrees. This allows you to adjust the lighting while reading, as per your preference.

The LED lamp’s touch-sensitive slider allows you to increase its brightness at seven different levels. You can see a sun icon at either end and there are ten circles between to increase/decrease the brightness. This feature makes this lighting fixture extremely versatile and functional, allowing you to instantly change your mood while working at home or office.

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