Telguard GDC1 Garage Door Controller

Telguard GDC1 automatic garage door opener syncs with any Z-wave controller

Telguard, the leader in home automation services, has created the GDC1 universal garage door controller that can easily sync with any Z-wave controller for opening and closing your garage door automatically. It is UL 325 certified device and is designed according to the firm’s standard specifications by FortrezZ using binary switch command class.

It is a compact and easy to install device that can be fixed on a wall next to your garage door to offer full security. You can use GDC1 with your home automation system via mobile app to get notifications on your smartphone if any unwanted activities are detected by the device. The smartphone acts as remote control of the device to open/close your garage’s door at scheduled time every morning and evening.

The device works equally well with Telguard HomeControl system, as well as other interactive platforms including- Icontrol Networks, 2GIG, DSC, and many others. This intelligent device attempts to close the garage door second time if the first attempt was unsuccessful, thus ensuing safety and the owner’s peace of mind. For additional safety, the device provides five seconds of audible and visual warnings prior to remote movement. It also suspends unattended operation after two consecutive failed attempts so that you get to know something went wrong when you were not around.

Telguard GDC1 was displayed last week at CEDIA in the Z-Wave Alliance booth in Denver and is expected to hit the market by the fall of this year. It definitely seems to be a better security option for homeowners to protect their expensive cars from burglars.

Credit: Cepro

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