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Ten dual-duty furniture to maximize space in small house

In small houses, it is absolutely necessary to maximize the use of space. This is because too many furniture items may clutter you living space. The dual-duty furniture pieces provide handy solution in tiny apartments, as they perform two functions while occupying the same amount of space. We’ve put together an interesting list of dual-function furniture pieces, which make perfect use of available living space.

# DIY coffee table with hidden storage


This DIY lift-top coffee table is made from reclaimed shipping pallets. It comes with central and side storage compartments to stuff in your books, toys, games and other things; without cluttering the area.

# Collar chair-cum-bed


Collar is handy furniture piece that serves two functions i.e. a comfortable chair to relax and also opens up to form a cozy bed to sleep in. The furniture piece is compact as well as generous, forming elegant yet practical unit for any small living space.

# Grid sofa turns into daybed


Grid sofa is modular furniture that turns from two-seater to comfortable daybed, simply by attaching semi-circular removable wooden tablet. Apart from the dual-purpose furniture, its semi-circular tablet can also be used side table to keep your routine accessories.

# Hang table serves as clothes hanger


Hang Table is suspended from the ceiling and also used as a clothes hanger. It employs a pulley system to pull/push the tabletop to desired height for serving dual-duty. This is a space saving unit for those living in a small room in hostel, tiny hotel rooms or even in studio apartment.

# Table for two, dining table for six


The elegant Table for Two not only offers minimalist workstation for two persons, but also becomes a dining table for six. Just fold down the lids at center to get flat surface that serves as a dining table for six individuals. When you need to use the table as a work space, flip up the lids to divide the table into two halves and your workstation for two is ready.

# Myrtle stool and storage unit


Myrtle by Tokyo-based designer Taiji Fujimori is a delectable stool which features a drawer component. On stacking these stools over one another, an elegant full-fledged chest is formed. So, it serves dual-purpose by acting as seating and storage unit.

# Sensei chairs become a coffee table


Sensei is a pair of elegant chairs that can be combined together to transform into a coffee table. To convert the chairs into table, all you have to do is lay the chairs horizontally and insert the backs of the two chairs together and your minimalist coffee table is ready.

# Storage vaults double as end tables


These storage vaults double up as end tables, forming additional furniture in any interior without occupying much space. You can use these furniture pieces as side tables in your living space, meanwhile store magazines, books or home décor objects within its inner sections.

# Folding table turns into a picture frame


Best thing about any modular furniture is that it clears the ground to make extra space. This dual-purpose table does the same, as it serves as a beautiful photo frame when not in use. It is a clever design to fit any small home without occupying much space.

# Boxetti bed-cum-cupboard


Boxetti has created a wonderful furniture unit for small bedrooms. It is a dual-function bed that folds away (when not in use) to transform into a minimalist cupboard. This furniture not only stores your clothes and accessories inside, but also maximizes space of your bedroom.

These were some clever dual-function furniture designs to perfectly utilize space of your small apartment, without crowding the place. If you think there are more interesting ones, please feel free to share your ideas with us.

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