Ten Fold Engineering’s movable home unfolds at the push of a button

When you travel the world without compromising the cozy comfort of your dwelling, that’s what life actually is. For people who are love struck with wanderlust with a craving to lie in their sweet corner of the bed, yet another movable prefab home has arrived on the scene. Ten Fold Engineering has come-up with a relocatable tiny home which can build itself in just a few minutes, and when it is time to move, it retracts just as quickly.

Giving mobile living a whole new meaning, the foldable building rests on top of a trailer, and expands to 3 times the size in under ten minutes. The outside walls fold up like an accordion inside a box, and when it is time to set up camp at a picturesque location for a few days, the magic unfolds.

Ten Fold Demonstrator Unit from TEN FOLD Engineering on Vimeo.

The design is so immaculate that when it unfolds into a 689 square feet dwelling, everything seems like usual, as if you just moved your home to another location. Taking modularity to the next level, the internal walls can be set up depending on the space requirements and interior décor arrangement.

To top it off, the temporary mobile home can be converted in an off-grid home by installing solar grid panels. That is a clever bit of engineering which looks like the future of tiny houses on wheels living on the move.

Now, all that convenience is going to cost a hefty amount of £100,000 (approximately $129,000 USD). So, if you can afford it, this tiny home solution is the way to go.

Via: Curbed

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