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Tesla to Create Battery-powered Homes

Tesla to create battery-powered homes for better energy utilization

Tesla is renowned electric sports car manufacturer and due to their exceptionally good electric cars it’s quite obvious that they must be skilled in battery-making. The firm definitely has a strong hold on the aforementioned slot, so the highly-efficient team of Tesla is planning to team up with solar rental company SolarCity for creating unique battery pack for home solar power storage.

Tesla’s Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk has recently spilled the beans about the upcoming battery-powered homes and its production will begin in next six months. But, he didn’t reveal how the battery would be utilized. But whether the battery would power the entire home or used only during emergencies is not clear as of now. It could probably act as a generator during power cut and will be charged by solar energy, hence cutting down energy bills to a great extent.

By this initiative Tesla will become direct competitor of Toyota, as Japan-based automaker has already revealed its Toyota Mirai that runs on hydrogen fuel cell technology and is fully efficient to power conventional Japanese home for a week. It is indeed an amazing futuristic concept for powering both home and business with ease. Hopefully, it will be something better, affordable and reliable to the consumers.

Via: TheStar

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