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Texsens Bubble Backpack Pet Carrier

Texsens Bubble Backpack Pet Carrier

This revolutionary semi-sphere pet carrier with a bubble window is perfect for taking your small pets, such as cats or dogs, to anywhere you travel. This portable pet carrier is designed to economize your carrying effort, moreover, it’s eco-friendly layout features adjustable padded shoulder straps and carrying handle to make it easy to attach to a seat belt.
It includes a built-in security leash, mesh panels & ventilation holes, soft washable pad, as well as top and side entries for maximum accessibility. This practically designed backpack case or bag is great for keeping your furry friend in comfort while you travel to your adventures.

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It not only keeps the pets safe but also provides enough room for sleep and play and to enjoy the outside scenery through the bubble window. Its dimensions are 13.39 x 9.84 x 17.32-inches and weighs around 4.4 pounds – this makes it a perfect fit for small pets weights around 10 to 13 pounds.

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