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Texting Plant by Australian Science and Mathematics student Kaviya Kalyanasundaram

Texting plant notifies gardeners when in need of water

Farmers and agriculturists know that plants and vegetables need constant monitoring to sustain appropriate moisture level. This is the reason why lots of firms are coming up with different smart plant watering devices. But what if your plant can interact with you and tell you when they are feeling thirsty?

Well, this is actually possible all thanks to the ‘Texting Plant’ by Kaviya Kalyanasundaram, 15-years-old Australian Science and Mathematics student. She has created a brilliant Texting Plant, which is capable of sending texts to farmers informing them about moisture levels in the soil. Further the device helps farmers to receive notifications and be fully aware of a particular plant’s need for water supply.

Kaviya is still trying to improve her project, as she wants to add an app into the device with Bluetooth capabilities. Moreover, size of the device will also be reduced so it can be used easily without any hassle. All these modifications will take nearly six months, and then its prototypes will be installed in selected farms to get feedbacks for final commercialization.

This is not the first ingenious design by Kaviya, before this she has recently won $5,000 grant towards building a voice-controlled wheelchair. However with her unique plant watering concept and technology, vegetable growers will always remain connected to their crops without much effort.

Credit: CourierMail

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