NANA by Katarzyna Malczewska

The abstract NANA bath boasts of usability features

NANA by Katarzyna Malczewska

Modern bathtubs have certainly traversed their scope as just utility areas of our homes. The contemporary evolution of their design also boasts of improved usability complemented by unique spatial forms. The NANA bathing tub by Katarzyna Malczewska is an apt example of such a design trend. Exhibiting an almost bulbous yet abstract form, the shape of the NANA according to the designer was inspired by an pregnant friend of hers. However functionally, the design has been envisaged specially for catering to the needs of an extended family. In this regard, the conception integrates both a bath and shower. Moreover, the ergonomic tub also displays a slew of safe, user-friendly features like a non-slip mat (under the shower) and a dedicated seating area (above the floor) for senior members of the family.

NANA by Katarzyna Malczewska

This scope of comfort is equally ‘enriched’ by the usage of modern materials for the bathtub. The technology behind the product realization entails the application of gel-coated fiberglass (also known as FR) which is significantly light weighted yet sturdy enough to be used as a utility component. In fact, the manufacturing process involved the layer by layer application of this fiberglass over a solid form (made from smaller shells and then joined). Finally, the surface was sprayed with polyester resin to achieve that glistening finish. And, beyond just ethereal aesthetics, the flexible layers of FR also allowed the NANA to have a ’rounded’ form with unobtrusive edges that certainly improves upon the safety factor of the conception.

NANA by Katarzyna Malczewska

NANA by Katarzyna Malczewska

Via: ADesignAward

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