Rose Li collection of LED lamps

The copper hued Rose Li collection of LED lamps inspired by Tai Chi

Rose Li collection of LED lamps

Conceptions inspired by medieval training arts are indeed rare to come by. In this regard, the ‘Rose Li’ collection of LED lamps belongs to that exclusive category, as the range is remarkably influenced by the fluidity of the Chinese Tai Chi. Exhibiting a strong hue of original polished copper, the elegant structure of these bantam lamps are defined by the slender arms spread at different angles. According to the creators, this unique form alludes to the primary Tai Chi dictum of ‘our heads in the clouds and our feet rooted deep in the earth’.

Crafted for Aqua Creations, each Rose Li lamp fixture comprises of a singular copper structure emerging from a flat mahogany wood base. This thin copper stem further branches out into two pointed extensions that hold the LEDs. So, functionally, each lamp component holds 2x3w LEDs, which are powered by low carbon Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are in turn charged via the aforementioned wood base connection, with each charge lasting up to more than 2.5 hours.

Via: DailyTonic

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