Grass Hopper Clock

The elegant Grass Hopper Clock will set you back by $18,750

Grass Hopper Clock

Clocks and chronometers may not be our area of expertise, but harping about classiness surely is. And, this is exactly where the Grass Hopper Clock comes into the picture. Designed by United Kingdoms based luxury item manufacturer Asprey, this English 8 day fusee clock utilizes the unique ‘grasshopper’ escapement invented by British clock maker John Harrison in 1722. Hence the name is derived from this almost 300 years old kicking action of the pallets, while the result is pure class.

The exquisiteness of the conception is further exhibited by the elegant bearing with a sober silvery finish. Looking like an anthropomorphic form holding two barbells, the figure rests atop two separate carbon fiber blocks. This clock component is encased within a transparent glass case, which again is supported by a thick carbon fiber base.

Coming to the commercial scheme of things, the clock is only available in three US based Asprey outlets in New York, Beverly Hills and Miami. As for price, nobody claimed awesomeness come cheap. In this regard, the conception will set you back by a whopping $18,750.

Via: CarbonFiberGear

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