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The UFO House in Palm Springs

The Elrod House in Palm Springs remarkably mimics a UFO

The UFO House in Palm Springs

The sheer scope of a UFO shaped house draped in arranged stone blocks was enough to entice us out of our wits. Nestled along an overlooking hill slope, this fascinating piece of post-modernist architecture/ bachelor’s fantasy pad is located in Palms Spring, California. The so-named Elrod House was designed by the great John Lautner, an architect and visionary who was known for his space age flair. His trademark expressiveness translates into the unique central area; a huge circular space that alludes to the pop culture fueled ‘flying saucer’.

This central zone is covered by a ‘tent style’ roof, where projecting stone beams emerge in an angular fashion from the mid section of the ceiling.  These solid beams are interspersed by slits of skylight for admittance of natural sunlight into the large space. The periphery of the circular space is kept ‘open’ on the pool side, with only glass sliding doors. This visual openness also serves as a panoramic vantage point (which provides breathtaking views of the desert) that could be enjoyed by the user as well as his guests. Finally, the large space also acts an imposing living room with variant  furnishings of modernist sofa, side tables, fireplace, a circular tiled area and even an abstract stone sculpture at one side of the room.

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